Cayman’s Black Pearl Skate & Surf park

These islands are simply thriving – alive and brimming over with things to do. Most of it is of a more, dare we say, generic, variety – lazing on the beach, swimming, golfing, enjoying a little luxury etc., but of course that’s not all there is on the island. No, in-fact Cayman is home to one of the largest skateparks in the world – a must see for sports enthusiasts and thrill seekers alike.

Skating in the Cayman Islands

Located a convenient few minutes away from Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman, the sprawling 59,000-square-foot skate park is ideal for families who are travelling with kids who’d like something a little different to do – or who are missing their skateboard. The park has been designed to offer an open atmosphere for all kinds of skaters – from newcomers to pro’s. There’s a snake run, extensions, pockets, hips, and lots of corners as well as bowled areas that range from four-feet to 12-feet deep. For the more daring and street- savvy skaters – there are street sections with ledges, rails, gaps, and a big three block.

The park actually includes three main courses which are beginner, intermediate and advanced runs – each with the aforementioned street and flow courses.

In true Cayman style that’s of course not all – if you’re not in the mood for skating then you might want to try a little surfing instead. If you do then head to the wave machine which pushes up to 150,000 gallons of fresh water up a slope and can create an 11-foot curl when used to maximum potential – which is great for learners! Don’t worry though as there’s always an operator on hand to ensure it’s only pushed to a level that you or your children can handle.

If you fancy yourself as more of a spectator then take a peak at the Castaway’s Grille (excellent Caribbean cuisine), the coffee shop or Davie Jones Locker – which is one of Cayman’s largest sports venue complete with giant screens and a multi-sport virtual practice booth. There’s a rental shop too, so if you or your kids don’t have the gear for skating or surfing – don’t worry.

To give you an idea of the scale of the park – we need to take you back to the dreamy days of 2005, when the park had its Grand Opening and the legendary Pro Skater – Tony Hawk was on hand to give his thoughts – he simply said:

“It looks huge, but you can’t really get an idea of depth or how far back it goes. It really is one of the biggest ones I’ve seen.”

If the Cayman Islands are a paradise on earth – then surely the Black Pearl Skatepark is heaven for skaters.

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