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We Just Love Cayman

Last year we did a small campaign to find out what people liked about Cayman. We went out to the streets and interviewed as many as we could, the results were amazing and we wanted to share this with you again. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Pedro St. James Castle

Pedro St. James Castle, Pedro St. James, or as we all know it Pedro’s Castle, is the oldest existing building in the Cayman Islands. Located on the southern coast of Grand Cayman Island, the manor is a reconstruction of an original 1780 house, and the home of plantation owner William… Read more »

A Rainy Day in Cayman

It can’t always be perfect now can it? When you’re forced away from your sun lounger by a bit of rain – remember – there’s more to Cayman than white sand and azure waters…..though admittedly it’s hard to see past these sometimes. Here we present you with a couple of… Read more »

Pirates Week!

There is something just so endlessly intriguing about the world of pirates. From their rugged rum soaked appearances, carefree lifestyles and colourful language to the tales of life lived high on the seas and the pirate captains’ amusing pseudonyms (Blackbeard/ Half-Bottom anyone?). It’s true that the modern world, with a… Read more »

Once Upon A Time In The Cayman Islands…Gimistory

Sometimes with the world how it is – we simply need to escape – whether we do that in our minds or on the beach is down to preference and circumstance – but it’s not limited. Evenwe in the beautiful surrounds of the Cayman islands need a little reprise sometimes….and… Read more »

Tracks in the Sand: Batabano, The Cayman Carnival

The Batabano Carnival is somewhat legendary and now, going into it’s 31st year – it’s bigger than ever! The annual event sees thousands upon thousands of costumed revellers – both locals and internationals are welcome – take to the streets of the Cayman Islands totake part in .oats, dances and… Read more »