Health & Sports

Portobello Wall – West Bay – Grand Cayman

Portobello Wall – Schoolmasters group by the dozens along the large coral buttress hunkered down near the edge of the wall while horse eyed jacks school above and around you with little fear for divers. Off in the blue, watch for rays and turtles making their deceptively slow looking way… Read more »

Man Cave – The Art of Grooming

Transform your routine into a ritual. Indulge yourself in our lounge to relax, sip a beverage and peruse our exclusive products and master-crafted shave sets and razors. Man Cave services include classic shave with hot towels, hair sculpting, hair color, scalp invigoration, anti-aging facials, massages, hand & foot grooming and manscaping.

We Just Love Cayman

Last year we did a small campaign to find out what people liked about Cayman. We went out to the streets and interviewed as many as we could, the results were amazing and we wanted to share this with you again. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Grand Cayman Shore Diving this time of year…

Giant bait balls of tiny silversides shimmer in the shifting light, a octopus squirm under a rock, squid hovering in groups as a fat green moray eel swims by, then a green turtle emerges from behind a huge sponge with eaglerays and hammerhead sharks lurking about. No boat, no hassle,… Read more »

Cayman Sports Events: 2015

There are simply few better locations than the Cayman Islands to indulge your love of sports. From the simplest: swimming, running and golfing to others such as skating, triathlons and watersports. There are events all year round for all kinds of people – and whether you want to take part… Read more »

Golf in The Cayman Islands

Can you imagine a better destination for golfing? The warmth of the sun watching over you as you swing a perfect hole in one, the turquoise waters providing a delicately relaxing backdrop and the Trade Winds sweeping in to help cool your nerves. Whether for business or pleasure the golf… Read more »