Nightlife & Leisure


Craft Food & Beverage Co.

Located in the heart of the Seven Mile Beach corridor, Craft Food & Beverage Company is Cayman’s premier “gastropub”. With a constantly evolving menu that emphasizes unique twists on classic dishes, they also carry 50+ beers and the Island’s largest selection of local and international craft beers, with 16 beers… Read more »

Whiskey Mist – Irish Pub/Restaurant/Sports Bar

Whiskey Mist is a new addition to Seven Mile Beach that will give you the warmest welcome into a magical atmosphere of laughter, music and the all conquering craic.

We Just Love Cayman

Last year we did a small campaign to find out what people liked about Cayman. We went out to the streets and interviewed as many as we could, the results were amazing and we wanted to share this with you again. Take a look and let us know what you think.

5 Of The Best Cocktails, Cayman Style

To soak under the sun on fine white sand beaches is an imperative whilst on the Cayman Islands – but to do it with a Cocktail in hand is to do it with style. You’ll find that the resorts all have their own tweaked versions of the classics alongside entirely… Read more »

Cayfest 2015: An Expression of Culture

Let’s face it – these beautiful islands, especially the Grand Cayman, are so Americanised that at times it’s all too easy to forget the importance of the islands’ true cultural heritage,but once a year – Cayfest raises its head to remind us of the vibrant multiculturalism of the Islands’. For… Read more »